F*** U Grief!

There is absolutely nothing delightful about grief. It is the evil bastard child lurking from behind the scenes, ready to jump on you when you least expect it! Grief tears people apart, it ages the body and forces one to grieve inwards causing so many issues that may stem from unresolved guilt, shame, anger and blame. Grief is a weapon, it is a sharp instrument ready to stab you over and over and over again. If it isn’t contained than it will run rampant with your emotions, like a snake devouring its prey.

Grief is like a cancer it grows and changes form each and every single day. Similar to a cancer growth, grief has the ability to highjack the body and weaken you until your body tires from the strain and has no where to go but to surrender to it.

Grief kills all your dreams and ambitions in a single swipe. It takes away your will to live, your purpose in life, your vocation, your plans, your everything. It builds a giant wall around you forcing you into the fetal position gasping for air. It is unpleasant and gut wrenchingly scary, like a wolf hiding in the bushes, you feel its breath against your skin but you’re too terrified to run from it.

F*** you grief for destroying so many lives, F*** you death for taking away the souls of so many beloved and kindred people. For de-bonding families and creating anxiety in those who survive in its aftermath. For those now grief stricken, disabled in their sorrows. For those who draw the curtains instead of letting the sunshine in, for those who turn to other means to numb their pain. F*** you grief you blood sucking leech.

Grief you horrid, nasty, no good foe of mine. Please be gone and let me resume living again. Please untangle yourself from me, please unchain me and set me free. I am no good to you or others in this state. Please emancipate me, please remove your filthy hands from by being. Be gone grief, F*** You and let me be……




Devout fan of life's little treasures.

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