What I want from you ©…..

Today I felt your heavy heart as you stood and watched me from afar,
I knew you wanted to say something but you didn’t have the right words,
I felt your compassion as you avoided my sadness,
I can not be fixed, accept me as broken,
I know your avoidance is an act of kindness for you feel my pain too,
But please acknowledge that you can help half my burden too,
If words won’t offer me solace than give me your presence.

Today what I need from you are your ears,
Please offer them to me so I can share with you a story,
I promise you won’t offend me with your questions,
Go ahead and ask me some more….

I love to speak my loved one’s name,
It gives me pride to give them air play,

I won’t lie that your absence hurts me more,
Just a small gesture or call is all I need from you,
You and I both know that what I want right now is my loved
one beside me, in my arms, happy and holy.

This is just what my heart wants and yearns for but my head knows the truth,
So give to me your love and hold me in your arms, make me feel happy
and holy again, give me your presence and don’t avoid my stare…

What I want from you is you, give me what I need…….


Written by Janice Butera


Devout fan of life's little treasures.

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