Dear Sir or Madame © …..

To whom it may concern,

I need to address with you my poor state of heart. My sorrow seems to follow me like a shadow and it frightens me. I tried to hide under the covers but it sneaked in and tried to  smother me with it’s darkness. I tried to run and hide from it but it appeared from behind the door. I tried to wash it out in the shower but it stood there starring at me through the mirror. I got into my car and slammed the door but it sat next to me forcing me to navigate to the right when all I wanted to do was turn left!!

Please sir or madam I need you to understand that this sorrow, my grief is now part of me and my whole existence. It’s there when I awake and there when I fall asleep…. It haunts me in my dreams and it penetrates my pores somehow…. It’s altered my DNA and become part of my gene pool…

What I ask from you dear sir or madame is acceptance and a new understanding. I try and I try but I can not escape this; this is my new home now… Please don’t throw rocks at me but rather build a bridge to meet me half way, I can’t walk the whole distance on my own…



So dear sir or madame please companion with me and join me on this grief journey… I don’t need words right now, I just need you to UNDERSTAND that this monster won’t leave me but please don’t be afraid because this is my MONSTER and it won’t harm you…. So please sir or madame introduce yourself and feed my heart your unconditional love. My monster needs your companionship….. So please go ahead and feed it some more love and help me cross that bridge…..


Written by Janice Butera



“The sun kissed tree’s sway back and forth and I am reminded of you and the liveliness that once existed – But all that is now gone” – Janice



Devout fan of life's little treasures.

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