Tis’ the season to be jolly?

December has always been a month of reflection and ambiguity. For many the year has been joyous with many new adventures and milestones. However for most the year may reflect moments of great sadness and sorrow.

Losing someone to death will catapult anyone into the unknown and disable their well being  (both emotional and physical) for the short term. Sometimes the short term becomes long term and this becomes a cyclic motion of lamenting, yearning and longing.

‘My grief is always triggered off at this time of the year – It seems to lay dormant until December  and it hits me again like a tidal wave ~ Mybereavementcompanion.com

The empty chair that sits at the end of the table is a reminder of the absence of a loved one. The chair that remains empty is void of personality, warmth and love that would normally be exuded during the holiday season. This empty chair is a representation of a break in the chain. A significant figure of your family, someone who can not be replaced is missing forever.

As the season draws closer I would encourage everyone to ‘trend lightly’. There should be no expectation of how you should behave on the day. Christmas comes with much bittersweetness as you drive past cemeteries with freshly laid flowers or mourners quietly standing beside a memorial site.

If your Christmas cheer has been extinguished try lighting it in other ways. Societal expectations were meant to be broken after all.







Devout fan of life's little treasures.

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