My Bereavement Companion

‘My grief can not come out in the wash. This stain may change colour and shape over time but it’s still engrained into my soul where it remains part of me today’ ~

Any loss we experience in life will leave us with a dent in our heart. Tangible or non-tangible losses can be felt and reverberated decades later. Some of us may choose to wear our grief on our sleeve or others may choose to dig it deep into the earth’s core. Regardless about choice, your grief is unique to you and only you!

This website looks at exploring and exposing grief, loss and bereavement truths and fallacies. Our reactions to our losses and post-growth as a result is what gives us the tools we require to continue to heal  and survive daily. Eventually  we evolve around our grief (refer to Lois Tonkin’s ‘Growing around grief’ model) and we no longer let it consume us.

This webpage is also designed to remember and show case our loved one’s to a Worldwide audience via a ‘virtual memorial’ option. This enables the griever to re-visit and pay tribute to a loved one online in the privacy of their own home. This homage to our loved one’s can be shared, altered and made ‘special’ by design options that capture and highlight your loved one in their very own lime light **coming soon**

‘Somedays you may climb mountains and on other days you may  sink into a whirlpool of darkness. Grief has the power to enable or disable you.. Which one will you choose? ~

Today we start by validating our losses both primary and secondary. Our online community is about instilling strength and power to people who grieve on a daily continuum. People who grieve together also ‘thrive’ together. We aim to promote a better tomorrow by role modelling a better today for you. We have no expectations of you other than you being respectful and empathetic to your fellow friend in grief. We offer you the wonderful gift of companionship.

Welcome to all our new ‘Bereavement Companions’. Unpack your bags and stay for a while. Your journey has just began!

Sending much lightness your way

Janice Butera


Devout fan of life's little treasures.

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